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Inclusion Tip:
Using a letter to introduce your child to a new teacher

You can make the inclusion process go more smoothly by giving a letter to your child's teacher which includes:
This is a letter given to Maria's sixth grade teachers - Note how we emphasis Maria's strong points before we present those areas that will challenge her teachers.

Prior to our meeting concerning our daughter, Maria Kotlinski, we would like to communicate to you our aspirations, goals and suggestions for Maria as she is included in your class. As you probably know, Maria has Down Syndrome and requires some special considerations. We appreciate your interest in her development and offer you our experience and assistance.

About Maria
Maria is, in her own way, a bright, curious 12 year-old girl. She is a very loving person. Reading is one of her favorite activities and she will spend 20-40 minutes each day reading her school text books, library books or dictionary. Over the summer Maria read two of the books for Language Arts class, The Black Pearl and The Ice Hermit. She is very interested in science and likes to watch Beakman's World (a science television program). Maria also likes to dance and shoot basketball hoops.

Our Goals/Suggestions (listed in order of priority)
  1. Continued Development in Social Skills - This is accomplished by Maria's inclusion in regular classroom settings with guidance as to what is proper behavior. Social/interpersonal areas that you think need attention should be communicated to us so that we can remind Maria of the instructions given by you and further explain them to her as necessary.

  2. Continued Development in Language Skills - Maria's receptive and spoken language skills have improved immensely since she has been included in regular classes. Asking Maria simple questions or having her read questions that are on the board are possible ways of helping her in this area.

  3. Following Simple Instructions - Where other children can follow a set of instructions, Maria will probably be able to follow just one or two at a time. Also, she might need to have the instructions written down or the task simplified. Some experimentation on your part can be done but also feel free to ask us if we think a given task is within her capabilities. We want to stretch Maria but not overwhelm or frustrate her.

  4. Writing (Printing) Skills - Maria does not do cursive writing. We have, however, seen a big improvement in her printing of sentences in the last year. Class assignments that require her to fill in the blanks or answer simple questions should be attempted. If Maria does not finish the class assignment, it can be given to her for homework. We will then assist her in completing the assignment .

  5. Organizing - Organizing her books, assignments, desk, class schedule and backpack is another task with which we will all be helping/encouraging Maria. Also, navigating her way to her various classes is in itself a wonderful learning experience for her.

Communicating With Us
We are available immediately after school outside of Mrs. Dennis's room. You can also contact us during your prep-time. Joe's work number is 123 1244. Susan's number at home is 888 7777 but during the day it is usually easier to reach Joe. If there is no answer at whichever number you call, please do leave a message. You can also send a note home with Maria if you like.

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